Why I Don’t Work For The Computing Help Desk

 From: Smith, Cynthia D. *HS (MD-INMD Int Med, Admin)

Sent: Friday, October 22, 2010 2:27 PM

Subject: Computing Problems

Hi Deb,

I consulted others here in the office with me.  They had the following suggestions regarding your laptop, which began smoking last night. 

  1. Enroll laptop in smoking cessation program with John Schorling
  2. Apply nicotine patch
  3. Insert nicotine gum into CD Drive
  4. Offer it a martini
  5. Ask it for a light
  6. Tell it the cyber experience was great for you as well

If these suggestions do not address the present issue, we suggest you check your smoke detectors to ensure batteries are operational.  

Your truly,

Cynthia D. Smith


One thought on “Why I Don’t Work For The Computing Help Desk

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