Public Copulation

I am writing to advise all of my newest career venture, the joys of which are as much a surprise to me as to you. I am now involved in the field of Real Estate Development. It all began a few weeks ago with an ad promising rich rewards and a quick return on one’s investment. Many days of prayer and long conversations with Karen followed, and soon I had decided to throw caution to the wind and make my first real estate purchase. The research was extensive. Not only was I about to spend money I didn’t have but I had convinced Karen to invest as well.

Location, location, location. We couldn’t afford much, and so we settled on a small one bedroom unit with sound structure, good ventilation and a small parcel of land. All the place needed was a good cleaning, a bit of interior decorating and we would be ready for our first set of occupants. With the purchase complete, we set about advertising for tenants. Quietly, we had decided on the criteria … young, committed couple with colorful personalities … potential friends, if you will!

I was a basket case. Charlottesville does not lack for real estate opportunities and, in the scheme of things, our offering was quite minor!  We didn’t have long to wait. Within 24 hours, the first couple arrived. But not just any couple … vocalists. We had found our tenants!  Bud and Harriet Rose, as they soon came to be called, were overjoyed!

Bud arrived first having invited Harriet Rose to join him later. She, of course, had the final say and the nervousness on Bud’s part was quite evident.  Harriet Rose took her time surveying both the interior and exterior of the property while Bud did all the talking. I waited patiently at a distance praying that they would find all to be to their liking. Then it happened. Without even a nod in my direction, they began copulating furiously on the front lawn … not once … not twice … but three times! Bluebird sex is noisy. It is passionate. It is quick!

Then it was over. The flurry of blue feathers subsided and side by side Bud and Harriet Rose returned to their new home. Harriet Rose, now impregnated, had a nest to build and Bud, who had just scored, quietly surveyed his new territory!

I spent all of Sunday observing our new Bluebird tenants having moved my computer so I could work nearby. The nest building is almost complete thanks to a scattering of dried grasses conveniently placed in the vicinity by my own hand, and I am excitedly awaiting the first of the light blue eggs to take up residence in my small parcel of real estate.

The joys of motherhood have put a lilt in my step and a permanent smile on my face. It has also put a dent in my pocketbook. Two more bluebird houses were purchased on Sunday and will arrive some time this week.


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